Dharma Shakti Association (Pertubuhan Kebajikan Dharma Shakti)


Dharma Shakti is an institution established to preserve the original Vedic knowledge for the benefit of mankind. We believe that genuine Vedic knowledge that comes from genuine disciplic succession (Parampara) from an accredited school of thought (Sampradaya) is the foundation to a successful spiritual and material existence. Our Vedic knowledge came through the Kaushika Gotra, a Gotra established by the renowned sage Visvamrta Brahmarishi of the Sri Sampradaya. At Dharma Shakti, we give importance to the observance of Vedic culture and emphasis on the practice of the basic principles of the Sanatana Dharma religion which are righteousness (dharmam), truthfulness (satyam), love (premam), and peace (shantam).



The Uniqueness of Dharma Shakti


1) Sandhya Bhasya


We are a unique educational institution that caters to the spiritual needs of every living being. Dharma Shakti educates its members the ancient original Sanskrit language known as ‘Sandhya Bhasya’ which is different from the contemporary scholarly Sanskrit language. The benefits of knowing Sandhya Bhasya are manifold but most importantly it elevates one to a platform to understand the meaning of mantras recited by priests during weddings, prayers, and other holy occasions. An enlightening example of our unique educational approach is in this phonetic example. The syllable ‘A’ is the first alphabet and syllable in most languages because the origin or seed (bijam) of all of our problems and conflicts in life begins from the word ‘Ahamkara’. ‘Ahamkara’ else known as false ego can be separated into ‘Aham’ and ‘Kar’ which translates into the English word ‘I’ and ‘cause’ respectively. Therefore, ‘Ahamkara’ means ‘I am the cause’ referring to the false ego prevalent in mankind. Dharma Shakti is unique because we have ancestral knowledge from disciplic succession that are well verse in the art of vedic science, vastu, yoga, Sanskrit language, astrology, mind reading, and the art of colour therapy.


2) Vedic Education Syllabus

We have extensive resources on the original teachings of the Vedas disseminated through regular talks and structured classes based on the Vedic education syllabus which are:


  • Shruti – 4 Vedas (Rig, Yajur, Sama, &Atharva).
  • Smrti – 18 Laws
  • Itihasas – 4 Epics
  • Puranas – 18 Mahapuranas
  • Agamas – 3 Agamas with 112 sections
  • Shad Dharsanam – 6 scriptures (SankhyaDarshanam, Yoga Darshanam, Purva Mimamsa Darshanam, Uttara Mimamsa Darshanam, Nyaya Darshanam, and Vaisheshika Darshanam)


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3) History of the Human Race


Based on Brahma Purana, we have unearthed and are re-establishing the history of the human race which traces the roots of mankind from Lord Brahma to the Sapta Rishis and how cultures, ethnicity, and various religions evolved with time.



Objectives of Dharma Shakti


By cultivating the basic principles of the Sanatana Dharma religion which are righteousness, truthfulness, love, and peace in our hearts and minds fortified with the education of the original essentials of Vedic knowledge, we aim to benefit mankind by our institutional objectives which are:


  • Sarvam – we practice everything that is sanctioned by the Vedas and convey our sincere respect and appreciation to all religious fractions to establish unity in diversity based on Vedanta.
  • Balanced knowledge – we equip mankind with the original teachings of the Vedas and disseminate balanced knowledge(as per Shad Sastram) that will benefit the spiritual and material development of mankind.
  • Service above self – we aim to provide solutions based on the original teaching of the Vedas that addresses personal and community issues.


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